Insight, Transparency & Accountability

That’s What We Deliver

Site Audits are market-leaders in the provision of location-based knowledge and insight across a range of media platforms. Whether you need to plan, monitor or evaluate your retail-POS, OOH and DOOH campaigns, or experiential marketing, we can design and manage a research programme for your specific needs.

Retail-POS Inspect & Audits

When Everything Has To Be Right

Retail-POS is time sensitive and the correct placement and use of promotional materials is crucial to success. Monitoring the usage, positioning and stocking in the POS campaign is a core factor in the success of many campaigns.

Site Audits delivers a range of services that provide you with the quantitative and qualitative data you need to measure your campaign’s implementation. From an audit of the POS materials (their position, stock levels and product variants) to more in-depth analysis (customer interaction, traffic, usage and maintenance) Site Audits can help you ensure that your POS materials are used correctly as per your strategic plan.

PoP & Inspect

Creating Confidence & Accountability

Site Audits is the industry leader in inspection and reporting practices. We keep moving forward by embracing changes in the industry and leading rather than following when it comes to new monitoring and reporting strategies.

Speed is critical when ensuring outdoor campaigns are implemented correctly. Damaged or non-functioning panels, incorrect placement, missing adverts and poor locations can all adversely impact your campaign and your brand. With our national and mobile-connected field force , your campaign metrics can be briefed, inspected, analysed and an insight report provided to you often within 24 hours. You’ll have all the information at your fingertips to monitor the implementation, including evidence of deviation that requires remedial action and potential recompense – backed up with photographic or video evidence.

Audits & MysShop

Does The Experience Live Up To The Brand Expectations?

Experiential Marketing is an exciting field and can build brands by engaging with customers on a whole new level. By engaging with the customer on a personal level, through a shared experience, the effect of the marketing is often longer lasting and deeper than traditional media. That’s why it’s crucial that every aspect of the experience meets the brand expectations, enhancing brand loyalty rather than damaging it.

We work with you to understand the key success criteria of the experience and what you’d like to monitor and measure. Our auditing and insight capabilities are adaptable to your specific requirements. We can provide simple data such as checking staffing levels or monitoring leaflet provision or more in-depth analysis such as monitoring how staff interacts with customers, conversion rates, voucher redemptions and beyond.

Better Understanding For Better Decisions.
That’s What We Deliver.

For ‘Locational’ insight, knowledge and reporting, Site Audits has the experience and expertise to deliver granular detail enabling you to pinpoint exact locations to maximise ROI for advertising, marketing, promotional and retail-support investment. For all our clients and every brief we’re as thorough as you’d be yourself! By looking after the micro, we ensure that you can strategically plan the macro, safe in the knowledge that every detail has been taken care of.

OOH-Media Campaign Planning Surveys

For Your Next Campaign, Everything Matters…

The most effective, memorable and successful OOH-media campaigns are those that understand the complex co-dependencies between the brand, the audience and campaign implementation. Creating this clarity requires a level of insight that can only be achieved by understanding where and to whom your campaign will be seen. 

Site Audits can provide that detail, giving invaluable insight into your OOH-media options and potential locations to make your next OOH-media campaign a complete success. Whether it’s locations, environment, audience flows, retail footprints and density, competitor positions, transit options or other physical constraints, it all adds up to the potential of individual sites and locations, their value, campaign contribution and how they could impact upon your plans. You’ll be able to select the most appropriate campaign mix – using the metrics we’ll provide – based on real-time information.

Locational Surveys & Reporting

Location, Location, Location. The Key to Success

Retailers & Brands: Tailored surveys & reporting of key locational criteria informing decision making & investment.

Agencies & Media Owners: Identify, evaluate & report locations & venues for media, retail, leisure & entertainment use &/or new business. development

B-2-B & Government: Field survey resource capable of delivering complex, detailed & time sensitive reporting specific to your brief and insight needs.

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