Westfield LDN: Bigger-Better Retail & OOH


Westfield London has always been one of the more impressive shopping malls and with its expansion it’s got even better. In fact, it’s become the largest shopping centre in Europe at 2.6 million sq. foot now employing 20,000 people. An increase of 740,000 sq. ft and 8,000 people, respectively.

These are big numbers and visiting the day after opening-day (20-March) it’s hard not to be impressed by the size of the enhanced shopping centre, the breadth of retail categories represented and general ambience of the mall. Despite several of the retail spaces still being developed there’s enough occupied stores to make the mall feel ‘ready for business’, even though it opened six-months ahead of schedule! No doubt one of the biggest retail destinations will be John Lewis’ massive store with some interesting new features, such as their ‘Experience Desk’ promising experiential shopping

For brands and advertising Exterion Media and Ocean Outdoor have both invested in new sites and panels; Exterion have updated their D6 mall panels which look sleek and stylish, whilst Ocean’s external large format digital panels dominate Westfield Square, the mall’s new event space. 

Take a look at our tour through the mall. It looks good.