Cold Brew Street Wars


It looks like Cold Brew coffee is that latest ‘must drink’ trend with competing brands working hard to get samples and brand experiences up close to would-be consumers. And if you were in Manchester this week both Starbucks and Costa were on-hand – on the same day – to replenish your flagging caffeine levels!

Costa, located in the mega busy Piccadilly Gardens staged their experiential sampling event with a beach cum up-cycled vibe with boom box music whilst Starbucks were located in the more refined business area of St Anne’s Square featuring a (semi tropical?) garden with displays of where coffee is grown, etc. The other key difference being Costa’s plastic cups of Cold Brew whereas Starbucks impressed with product giveaways; the other key difference being Costa’s brew being sold in their stores whereas Starbucks look to be selling through supermarkets in a tie-up with ARLA. Either way, it kept our field guys buzzing for a while!