Amazon’s Got a Treasure Truck!?


Isn’t it strange that in these disruptive times of changing retail with the demise of the old and emergence of the new, one of the most successful online brands is taking us back. If you’re of a certain age think of Ron Dixon’s ‘mobi’ (C4 Brookside circe 1990), butchers and greengrocers selling off the back of a van ‘down’ the market. You get the picture.

So, we were intrigued to see Amazon’s Treasure Truck in central Manchester this week, maybe not selling but certainly distributing groceries to shoppers. The selling part is online – you collect your purchases from Amazon’s ‘mobi’.

The concept is quite simple but, surprisingly, seems to be quietly promoted by Amazon. Perhaps it’s just a promotional device, or Amazon trying to get face-2-face with its customers or, maybe, there’s a wider long-term strategy? We’d be interested if anyone has an insight to share?