26-Mar-2018 OOH Campaign Library


As a committed consumer of chocolate Easter is always a special time for me and other chocoholics; over consumption of the sugary delight is (…sort of…) expected. Though, is it my imagination or was this year’s Easter egg advertising quiet and, seemingly, limited to Iceland (OOH) and Waitrose’s (DOOH) egg ads? Perhaps the relative confectionery silence was prompted by HMG’s introduction of the ‘sugar tax‘ prompting both Coca Cola and Pepsi Maxi onto DOOH. Interestingly, Coke’s stylish ads featuring Elvis play on the brands heritage whilst Pepsi’s ads are more straightforward promoting ‘no sugar’.

Elsewhere, the OOH period has been busy across most categories with several new campaigns, notably BT (broadband), Costa Coffee, Starbucks (lattes), Michelin (tyres) Halifax (current account switching) and a brilliant (special build) painted gold bus shelter for Pandora, amongst many others.

The only thing missing on the OOH and DOOH High Street is sunshine! #BringOnSpring!